TFS Internet Trace/Track System

    TFS’ Track/Trace system is a handy while powerful tool. It is specially designed for those customers, who have frequent and substantial Air and Ocean shipments imported from various countries, and shipped to various destinations in the US.

    Both Air and Ocean shipments are using one single interface. Users able retrieve only one individual shipment or a set of shipments through the multiple selecting fields.

    Tracking results can also be exported to Microsoft Excel format for further relay or process.

1. Input the User ID, and Password to access TFS Tracking system.

2. Access the system, input the selections, then search for the shipment(s).

3. A set of shipment data listed. Both Air and Ocean shipments can be traced simultaneously if necessary.

4. Shipment List can also be exported to Microsoft Excel File.

5. Viewing the each shipment’s detail, simply click the “Detail” icon of the tracking result per 3.